Rhinoplasty Case 6



This female in her 40s has always been bothered by the appearance of her nose. She feels the tip of her nose was too wide for her face. On the before photo from below you can see her tip has a more boxy/rounded appearance. In the ideal nose it is supposed to have more of a triangular appearance. She underwent a tip plasty with a cephalic trim to help with the fullness to the tip of her nose, suturing of the domes together (INTERdomal sutures) and on themselves (INTRAdomal sutures) to define her tip better, placement of lower lateral crural strut grafts to prevent her nose from collapsing when she ran(functional rhinoplasty), and a columellar strut graft to further support her nasal tip. In the after view you can see the better definition to her nasal tip. In addition, from the lateral view, you can see the tip is in a better position in relationship to the dorsum. No hump was taken down. However, by repositioning her tip it creates better harmony with her nasal dorsum creating a more esthetic nose. Lastly, a septoplasty was performed to remove a deviation and improve her breathing. She is quite pleased with her results 5 months postoperative.