Unwanted fat tissue can develop under the chin.  This is commonly referred to as a double chin.  This can develop early in life as the result of genetics from your mom or dad, it can develop with weight gain, or it can develop as a result of age even if you are thin elsewhere.  Up to now, you either had to live with it or undergo a surgical procedure such as liposuction to address it.

Dr. Guy Facial Plastic Surgery is happy to announce we offer Kybella, the first and only FDA approved injectable to help dissolve fat.  Kybella is made from a product that is naturally found in parts of the body to digest fat.  Unlike weight loss which only reducts the size of the fat cells, Kybella destroys the fat cells so they cannot come back. It has demonstrated improvement and is approved for use only in the area below the chin (called the submental area).

Kybella is meant for patients who have excess fat in the submental area who don’t want the downtime associated with surgical procedures such a liposuction.  It does require at least two and frequently as many as four treatments spaced at least a 6 weeks apart.  Each treatment is performed in the clinic and takes about 10 minutes.  It does lead to swelling for several days after treatment so this should be considered when scheduling your appointment.  It also does not help with loose skin which is more appropriately addressed with a face lift or a neck lift.  However, it does not leave a bunch of loose skin as the inflammation created with treatment will tighten the overlying skin.

Schedule your consultation today with Dr. Guy to see if you are a good candidate for Kybella.