How Often Should I Get a Botox Touch-Up?

Botox® is a top choice for patients looking to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead wrinkles, and other visible signs of aging in the face. Its popularity has only grown due to the treatments only requiring a few minutes, with little to no downtime after the procedure. Plus, the results are stunning,… Read More »

Why Facelifts Are Growing More Popular with Younger People

While facelifts are generally stigmatized as being necessary for the older generation, women and men in their thirties and forties are also finding facelifts as a way to keep their edge and slow the aging process.  There are several factors involved in deciding to get a facelift that go beyond just anti-aging. Looking younger for longer has… Read More »

4 Issues a Neck Lift Can Address

The neck can be one of the first areas that reveal the signs of aging. Due to gravity, loss of volume, hereditary traits, and stress the skin around the neck begins to sag and crease. While there are many less invasive options to choose from, such as Botox, EmbraceRF, and FaceTite, nothing can quite compare… Read More »

Don’t Be Fooled! 5 Common Myths about Facelifts

Thanks to facial plastic surgery, putting our best face forward at any age has never been easier. However, myths still swirl around facelift surgery, one of the most effective solutions for reversing the effects of aging. Take a look at some of the most common myths, debunked by double-board certified plastic surgeon Dr. W. Marshall… Read More »

Caring for Your Skin Beneath Your Face Mask

As life begins to return to normal, one new habit from the coronavirus pandemic is likely to stay with us well into the future— masks. While highly effective at preventing infection, many may have noticed that regular and extended mask-wearing can have some unintended consequences for skin like bruising, chafing, and even breakouts. Luckily, our… Read More »

Welcome to our new site!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new website! Dr. Guy and his team are excited to share their new website with current and future patients in The Woodlands, Texas and surrounding areas. Please browse a few of our favorite pages: Meet Dr. Guy Practice Philosophy Reviews Gallery We look forward to seeing you… Read More »