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Practice Philosophy | Dr. Guy Facial Plastic Surgery

Your appearance matters in society. This is not just a statement but a fact. Research has shown more attractive people earn more money, are more likely to be hired and promoted, and are more likely to draw in customers when all things are considered. Furthermore, more attractive people are often judged to be more kind, decent, and honest. Even the renowned philosopher Aristotle commented that, “Beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of introduction.” Considering how many doors the right letter of recommendation could open, this “secret” to successful living should be taken seriously by anyone committed to creating memorable impression. And although the definition of beauty changes with time, numerous experts have supported the finding that favors are granted to people considered to be attractive.

Dr. Guy is a firm believer that inner beauty and physical beauty are complementary and that improving one will improve the other. As you begin this journey of rejuvenation and take the steps to improve your physical appearance you will improve your mental wellbeing as well. One of the best ways to naturally improve your mental self is with exercise. This is not coincidental as the body releases endorphins with exercise which are one of the chemicals in the body that makes you feel good. At the same time, as your health improves you have more energy, and you feel better about how you look and about yourself. James Allen, who may well be the precursor of all self-help authors, wrote, “The body is the servant of the mind.” It is only once the mind realizes the beauty you have that you can truly feel youthful. As one improves, so will the other. Cosmetic surgery is a complementary part of the process of rejuvenation. By improving the signs of aging, you can look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside.

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And although everyone is not born with the perfect proportions of attractiveness, there are certain learned behaviors and actions that can improve one’s overall “appeal.” This includes how you carry yourself, how you stand without slouching, and how you sit. Your overall level of physical fitness can improve your appeal. How you coordinate your attire including clothes and accessories affects the impression you create. Finally, your outlook on life, how cheerful you are towards others, and letting your inner beauty shine through can improve your appeal. These are all attributes which can be improved without any surgical intervention which is why there is virtually no excuse for not looking one’s best.

For those patients who are appropriate surgical candidates and desire to maximize his or her appeal, the right surgical procedure performed by the right surgeon for the right reasons can play a vital role regardless of age.

For individuals just beginning to shows the signs of aging, “maintenance surgery” can go a long way to preserve your youthful appearance. For those with more advanced signs of aging, an experienced surgeon can restore the body to a more youthful appearance. Dr. Guy takes a very natural approach to surgery. Through his extensive training in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, he can create a very natural, refreshed look and avoid the “operated on” look, as you can see in the before and after section. Age truly is just a number, and there is never a better time to look your best. Schedule a consultation today because you deserve it!