Rhinoplasty Case 10



This female in her 30s had undergone a rhinoplasty when she was younger from an endonasal (closed)approach. She had a nice result but as time went by the left ala (just left of her lip) began to collapse inward. This is one of the risks of an endonasal approach as the scar tissue from that approach began to collapse the left side. Dr. Guy performed a very focused revision rhinoplasty addressing the left side. She had an alar batten graft placed to help support the left lower lateral cartilage and then a crushed cartilage onlay graft into the area of the depression to further improve the contour. In the after photo, she is almost one year out from surgery. You can appreciate from the bird’s eye view (looking down at the nose) how the hollowness she had on that side is gone. You can also see how her tip is more symmetric appearing.