What Type of Lip Augmentation Gives the Most Natural Look?

As we age, we begin to lose volume in certain areas of our face and body, including in prominent features like our cheeks and lips. When we lose important volume in our lips, it can emphasize fine lines and wrinkles that form around the mouth area, making us look older. This is just one of the many reasons why women, and some men, choose to get lip enhancements from their plastic surgeons. Others may pursue lip enhancements due to genetics and having thin lips their entire lives.

Are you considering getting a lip augmentation, but want your results to look as natural as possible? Here is how you can achieve your goal!

Choose The Right Kind of Filler

When it comes to lip augmentation, Dr. Marshall Guy offers two different methods to help you get the full, defined pout of your dreams. These include both non-surgical with fillers and surgical options using your own collagen or fat.

When it comes to fillers, Dr. Guy uses Juvéderm Ulta XC®, Restylane Silk, and Restylane Kiss. Juvéderm and Kysse are a thicker consistency and tend to add the most volume. These are ideal for patients who are looking for full, plump lips. For more natural lips, Restylane Silk is a top choice amongst patients. It does a great job of defining the margins of the lips without adding too much volume.

Take A More Natural Approach

Dr. Guy also offers a lip augmentation that uses your own collagen and fat. This method creates beautiful natural results and feels like your own lips. The surgical option involves a small incision directly around the mouth. There is already a white line around the mouth that blends this incision, or you can always mask it with lip liner. This creates a new outline for the lips and allows Dr. Guy to insert the collagen and fat while still maintaining the natural shape of your mouth. The benefit of having a lip augmentation done surgically is that the results last much longer than fillers.

Experience Is Key

As with any cosmetic procedure, experience is crucial to getting the results that you want. In addition to knowing the appropriate amount of filler to inject into the lips, or how to make surgical enhancements look more natural, natural lip enhancement requires a keen knowledge of facial anatomy and aesthetics.

Dr. Guy is a specialist in all areas of rejuvenation and reconstruction of the face and neck. As a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Guy knows that everyone ages differently and that there is no one procedure for that meets the needs of everyone. Dr. Guy will work alongside you to create the perfect treatment to help you reach your goals and love your results for a long, long time.

Schedule Your Lip Augmentation with Dr. Guy

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