These Are the Best Procedures to Reduce Visible Stress

Stress can have some of the most significant negative impacts on the face and skin. From acne, dry skin, under-eye bags, redness, and wrinkles, stress can cause the skin to change in ways you don’t always expect. Constantly dealing with these stress-induced flare-ups can contribute to a lack of self-esteem and heightened anxiety. In addition, consistent bouts of stress can also make getting these conditions under control more challenging. If life, work, family, or all the above have you stressed, it might be time to pamper yourself with a treatment that helps combat the effects of stress on the skin. While they may not be able to solve life’s problems, they’ll certainly help equip you with the self-confidence to face what’s stressing you out.

At Dr. Guy Facial Plastic Surgery Med Spa, we offer some of the latest and greatest treatments in advanced cosmetic treatments that can help you specifically combat the effects of stress on your skin. Here are the best and most effective procedures to help patients suffering from stress-induced skin conditions.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels offer many benefits to stressed skin. The unique blend of medical-grade acids in chemical peels can help improve skin texture and tone, clarify, and refine the look of fine lines and wrinkles. There are many different types and strengths of chemical peels that can be modified to accommodate different skin types. They are great treatments for targeting breakouts caused by stress and anxiety and can be done as often as once a month, depending on your needs.

Hydrating Facials

At Dr. Guy Facial Plastic Surgery, we offer the renowned HydraFacial to patients in desperate need of added hydration to their skin. HydraFacial is a three-step facial that includes exfoliation, extraction, and the infusion of skincare serums. They are designed to maximize skincare, focus on anti-aging, lighten pigmentation, clear acne-prone skin, and encourage cell turnover.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Stress can lead the skin to lose its tone, smooth texture, and firmness. Laser skin resurfacing treatments are a safe and effective way to treat aging and damaged skin. Our state-of-the-art laser device gently removes the outer layer of skin while simultaneously heating the underlying layer, targeting pigmentation beneath the skin’s surface. This process encourages new collagen fibers to develop, resulting in a firmer appearance and a vast reduction in fine lines.

Microchannel Infusion Facial

Microchannel dermal infusion facials involve creating small skin channels, followed by applying various dermal infusion treatments. These treatments are designed to improve the quality and tone of stressed skin while providing added hydration and collagen stimulation. If your schedule is increasingly busy, a microchannel facial is a perfect option, as treatments are quick and require zero downtime.

Relax, and Balance Stressed Skin at Dr. Guy Facial Plastic Surgery

Are you seeing the effects of stress on your skin? It might be time to put yourself first. The stresses of life can take their toll not only on your physical and mental health but also on the health of your skin. Help restore balance to stressed skin with a skincare treatment tailored to your concerns.

If you’re unsure which procedure will offer you the most benefits, schedule your personalized consultation with Dr. W. Marshall Guy by calling (832) 956-1040 or by completing our online consultation form. Our treatments are customized to fit your needs and offer you some much-needed relaxation.