Skin Resurfacing Case 2



This patient is 10 weeks out following a facelift that involved her neck, cheeks, and temporal area. Five days after her surgery she also underwent a full face resurfacing with a fractionated carbon dioxide laser with a single pass of an Erbium:YAG laser. Notice in the first picture the overall improvement in her skin quality and jawline. The dark spot she had on her left cheek is gone and the spots next to her left eye are improved. Even from this oblique view, you can see the neck improvement. On the oblique and lateral views you can see the improvement in the fullness over her cheekbones and the improvement in the hollowness below her cheek as a result of repositioning her own tissue back to where it was when she was younger. It’s also important to notice you cannot see any of her incisions as Dr. Guy places them in locations that helps them stay camouflaged. Of note, this was the first facelift Dr. Guy performed. You can see even from the start he provided amazing and natural results.