How Can A Brow Lift Change My Overall Facial Appearance?

You’ve probably heard the saying that “the eyes are the windows to the soul,” and while it’s true, the eyes do tell a lot about us; a big part of that narrative is in the brows. Do they droop and mask your eyes, making you look more tired or older than you actually are? Are they riddled with lines and wrinkles that make you appear angry or disgruntled?

While there aren’t many solutions to help you fix a scowling face, there is an option that can significantly help change the overall appearance of your face, and that’s a brow lift.

Double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. W. Marshall Guy is expertly trained and a master of facial rejuvenation. Also known for his impeccable attention to detail, outstanding patient care, and stunning results, his expertise, values, and experience will help ensure the brow lift that you desire.

What Causes the Brow to Droop?

As we age, the brow begins to drop, causing the outside corner to turn downward. Due to this excess ptosis (drooping), the brow tends to push down on the upper eyelid and can even begin to obstruct your vision. The causes of this ptosis can be hereditary, environmental, or caused by habits like squinting excessively, and there is very little to be done to reverse these signs of aging without surgical intervention.

What Is a Brow Lift?

Brow lifts also referred to as forehead lifts, are cosmetic surgeries that target wrinkles and lines in the patient’s brow. The procedure can be performed using several different techniques that all work in different ways. Most procedures include an incision near or around the forehead or hairline to help lift and center the brows. Dr. Guy will help you determine which method is best for you and your aesthetic goals.

How Will a Brow Lift Change Your Facial Appearance?

The most significant benefits of a brow lift include:

  • Reduced wrinkles and lines in the brow line and upper portion of the face
  • Lifted brows
  • Youthful-looking facial features
  • Revived natural expression
  • Improved self-confidence

Opening the eyes out from underneath a sagging brow bone can significantly improve the overall facial appearance. You’ll be able to wear makeup around the eyes again, providing you with a more friendly expression that accurately demonstrates your mood.

Brow Lift in The Woodlands, Texas

Dr. Guy is a specialist in all things related to facial rejuvenation and reconstruction. He understands and acknowledges that everyone ages differently and requires different treatment methods to reach their respective goals. From Botox and dermal fillers to facelifts and brow lifts, Dr. Guy wants you to be able to walk confidently into every decade of your life with confidence and self-esteem. For more information on how brow lifts can help improve your overall facial appearance, contact us at (832) 956-1040 or fill out our form online to schedule your consultation today.