4 Giveaway Signs You Have Had Botox and How to Avoid Them

Many celebrities, models, and influences are proud to admit that they rely on Botox® to help their skin stay firm, tight, and smooth. Some even go as far as to take photos with their cosmetic dermatologist or vlog their procedure sessions and post on their social media platforms advocating for the treatment. Others choose to play it a little more coy.

How can you tell whether or not someone depends on the needle to keep up their youthful appearance? Keep reading to learn 4 giveaway signs someone has had Botox and how to avoid them.

1. Overarched Eyebrows

Brows that have a permanently surprised or angry expression will be a dead giveaway to others that you have had Botox®. To minimize the risks of unwanted side effects like this, choose a provider who uses the proper technique when injecting Botox®. Those who have unfortunately found themselves in this position can come to Dr. Guy Facial Plastic Surgery, where Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. W. Marshall Guy can strategically add small amounts of Botox® to help relax the muscles that are pulling the eyebrows up.

2. Facial Immobility

The secret to keeping your face looking as natural and refreshed as possible is using the right amount of Botox®. If your injector uses too much, it can cause a “frozen” look to your features, rendering them immobile. Too much product in the forehead can cause it to be awkwardly stiff and give you a robotic expression that makes the fact that you’ve had neuromodulators very obvious.

3. Bunny Nose

Some people already have the fine, diagonal lines on the sides of their nose from aging, but not many know that Botox® injected nearby for other reasons can occasionally cause them to be more apparent. You can see these “bunny lines” when you squint or crinkle your nose. This can be remedied with just a few extra units strategically placed around the nose.

4. Swelling and Heavy Bruising

Reddish or purple bruises after any needle injection are very common side effects. Avoid scheduling a treatment just before a major social event— and give yourself plenty of time to heal, just in case. You can ice your face for short periods of time after your treatment and hide bruising with a neutralizing concealer if necessary.

Schedule Your Botox® Treatments with A Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

Ultimately, the best way to avoid giveaway signs that you’ve had Botox® is to find an injector that is educated and skilled in not only Botox® injections but also the anatomy, structure, and natural movements of the face. An injector of this caliber will be able to expertly inject the Botox® into just the right locations to ensure that you still have natural movements while still achieving smooth, youthful skin.To speak with Dr. Guy more about Botox® injections, schedule your consultation appointment by calling (832) 956-1040 or contact us through our website today!