After having consultations with two plastic surgeons, I still had reservations about going forward with facial plastic surgery. That is until I decided to go for one last opinion. After meeting with Dr. Marshall Guy, it was a no brainer. I knew I had found my surgeon. My anxiety went right out the window. I was totally confident that I hit the jackpot! Finding an honest, caring, intelligent, dedicated and extremely qualified facial plastic surgeon was very important to me. He is all of that and more. I believe that having confidence in your physician is of the utmost importance.

It’s great that we can choose to change, improve or alter just about anything on any part of our body these days but when it comes to your face, you want the very best. After all that’s something we cannot hide. Dr. Guy is nothing less than outstanding and made me feel totally confident in his knowledge. He explained every aspect of every procedure I wanted to have which was a face and cheek lift, a neck lift and a lower blepharoplasty.

I can’t say enough great things about this awesome man. Besides everything else I’ve mentioned, he’s professional, smart, unique, charming, funny with personality plus and you can be assured that you’re the only person that matters during your visit with him. He is a wonderful family man and a tremendous asset to our community. When I go for my follow up visits, his personal persona is absolutely refreshing and uplifting. If he sounds too good to be true, I promise you he’s all that and more. I couldn’t be more pleased with my beautiful, natural and fresh new look. Had I known that he would make these surgical procedures such a breeze with very little pain, my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.

Dr. Guy’s beautiful office and very caring staff only adds to a great experience. If you ever have any questions, they are always happy to help you. Finally I must mention that the staff at Memorial Hermann outpatient clinic on Pinecroft were some of the best. I highly recommend this facility for your surgical procedures. If you’re considering any kind of facial procedure whether it’s surgery, facial fillers or facial rejuvenation of any kind, It gives me great pleasure to recommend Dr. Marshall Guy.

Dr Guy is amazing. I have referred all my friends and family to him. He takes the time to make you feel 100% comfortable in everything he does. I will never go anywhere else for my botox and filler needs. My hubby also loves him and was so impressed with him that he is getting his eyes done this winter.
— Cherie

I wasn’t happy with the way my lips looked. They were thin and they looked like a “fish mouth” (the sides were turning down and I looked like I was always frowning).
Dr. Guy injected Juvederm into the top, bottom, and sides of my lips. They look great now and I love them.
I would recommend him to anyone I know in a heartbeat. I found out about Dr. Guy through a referral and wasn’t disappointed.
— M.P.

I was tired of seeing my mole in pictures and I felt like that was the first thing people were seeing about me. The mole was located on my cheek so I knew that seeing a plastic surgeon was likely my best bet for minimal scarring. So I decided to go in for a consultation to find out my options for removal. After consultation i decided to go forward with the procedure.
— A.R.

Short, well-done in-office with local anesthetic removal of a benign growth off the left side of my nose where the nose meets the cheek. Can’t even tell there was anything there to begin with after roughly a month. Multiple follows up ensured that the wound was healing properly, which it was. Couldn’t ask for any better results.
— K.V.

Surgery went well. Results better than expected. Well worth it! Swelling was pretty minimal after first week. People who work with me had no idea I even had surgery . Followed post operative instructions closely and made sure to take it very easy that first week. Was surprised by how little pain there was.
— Anonymous

After traumatic injury from an an ATV accident, I had an orbital blow out and multiple face fractures resulting in a need for some pretty serious reconstructive surgery. Dr Guy took my initial phone call on Easter Sunday, going above and beyond to comfort myself and my wife by answering our questions and carefully explaining options and procedures to quell our fears. The office was professional, clean and very organized. The procedure went fantastic and follow up care has been great. No matter what time of day or day of week, my phone calls were always answered and never went to voicemail. The best experience I could have hoped for after such a frightening accident and injury.

After many many years of working behind a computer and wrinkling my forehead, I created what I would call angry wrinkles (between my eyebrows). Most definitely was tired of looking in the mirror and seeing the angry wrinkles on my forehead so I decided to go in and see Dr.Guy. I decided on Botox and not the angry wrinkles are gone!
— Angie

Finally an office where the doctor injects filler & Botox his self. Not a nurse, not an esthetician or tech! Dr Guy was extremely informative during my consultation, answered all my questions until I had an understanding of how the products work & understood the results to expect. Love my new lips, you can trust him to give you plump lips w/out the “overdone ducky” look. And Botox…painless ! Great techniques used …

Good morning Dr Guy!
I wanted to email you letting you know how pleased I am with yesterday’s experience and how happy I am with my lips!! I love how you kept my lips looking natural & didn’t want me to do too much at first! They look amazing right now and I think I’ll probably be able to get back to modeling work as early as today!! I also wanted to mention how sweet and funny you and Roberta were! I’m so nervous with needles & stuff and you two made it easier and made me feel comfortable. Thank you so much!

I LOVE DR. GUY!!! Not only was he the best botox/filler injector ever but he thoroughly explained what he was doing, why and the expected results. I felt so comfortable with him and can’t imagine ever going anywhere else. He is the BEST!!!
-Danielle S

Dr. Guy is an extremely friendly, attentive and caring physician. He is unusually well trained, having acquired an extra fellowship under the tutelage of Dr. E. Gaylon McCollough, at the McCollough Institute in Gulf Shores, Alabama. There are only a small number of such fellowship positions offered throughout the country, and training under a world renowned plastic surgeon as Dr. McCollough, is certainly an accomplishment few plastic surgeons have attained. Upon my last appointment with Dr. Guy, the entire staff related how sorry they were to see him leave. I myself drove over two and a half hours even for minor procedures, because I knew I would receive the utmost in expertise and great results. I heartily recommend Dr. Guy!
-Bertie B.

Not only an amazing doctor with great skill but also a compasionate person. I am very happy with the result of my botox and filler. I am definitely coming back!

After reading the testimonials already submitted all I can add is that they are right on. Dr. Guy is truly accomplished in his field. He gave me fillers and there was no pain at all, he talks you through the experience and puts you totally at ease! Wish he was staying in Gulf Shores, but am happy he can be home with his family.
-Andrea D., Gulf Shores, AL

Love him!!!!!!! My results are fantastic. I would highly recommend him. Dr Guy explained everything before he got started and during procedure i was at ease. Will miss him when he goes back to Texas.
-Stacey H.

Dr. Guy is the very best in his field. He takes the time everyone wants and needs to explain the procedures and expected results. He will answer any question you have about your condition and doesn’t make you feel rushed to get every question asked like most Dr.s do. He’s a 5 star Doctor.
Rick M.

I had surgery in February of 2015 and had a total face procedure. Even though I was nervous about surgery I was not nervous about having Dr Guy as my surgeon. He made me confident in the process of healing and I am pleased with what he preformed on me . I don’t look like I had surgery .I look like myself ,just minus the sagging signs of age. He just brought out what I look like before things started to breakdown on my appearance. I really appreciate his talent and appreciate him. He pays attention to detail and is a very talented doctor I’m glad I met him.
-Sharon S.

I am very happy with the procedure Dr Guy did for me.He is very professional and makes you feel at ease.The only thing I am unhappy about is he is moving from the Gulf Coast . I may be making a trip to Texas in the near future…
-Jackie P.

Dr. Guy applied Botox to the creases between my eyebrows. He explained everything first, and used a technique during the injection that made it totally pain free. He is a detailed man with a generous smile and a friendly sense of humor. He is a dedicated husband and daddy. I would trust Dr. Guy with any surgical procedure he offers. I’d say a trophy to the cosmetic surgery world. THANK YOU Dr. Guy!

Dr. Guy is GREAT, he cared for me as though I was the most important patient he had even though it was a minor problem. Dr. Guy is what we all look for in a doctor. He is very comforting, assuring, and makes a person feel comfortable. We were impressed and my husband and I are sad to see him go but know Texas will be proud to have him come home. Dr. Guy is not only a great doctor, it is obvious he cares about the patient. He is a Jewel in the Medical field.

Texas is getting a wonderful plastic surgeon. I have been getting Botox for years, but Dr. Guy is by far the best. The results were amazing. Not only is Dr. Guy a skilled plastic surgeon, he also has a caring, fun personality. Dr. Guy will be missed on the Gulf Coast.

Dr. Guy is terrific!! Tremendous expertise and personality plus. He is the epitome of what we want in physicians. Wonderful knowledge, compassion and care. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

My experience with Dr. Guy for Botox was exceptional. Prior to the treatment, he explained the history of Botox and the results I could expect. Throughout the procedure, he commented on each step and what each point around my eyes meant in terms of muscle. I highly recommend Dr. Guy for any treatment you are considering. He is personable, enthusiastic, caring, and informative. Don’t hesitate, don’t spend further time looking for another doctor for your needs, you won’t be making a mistake with Dr. Guy!

Over the years I’ve been going to McCollough Med Spa for botox and fillers. I have been seen by several different doctor’s there and they all have been very good & very professional. I must say, Dr. Guy is my favorite. Not only does he make the process easy he has such a great personality. I was just at the Med Spa 2 days ago and I absolutely have no bruising or swelling. He is the best! Hate to see him go to Texas:(
-Pamela B

Dr. Guy is currently treating my rosacea. He’s extremely capable and very careful in his approach to any procedure. He takes time to make certain the patient and the equipment are ready. I trust him implicitly, and always leave feeling well cared for. Personally, he is about the nicest “guy” you will ever meet. He is fun and charming at once. Houston’s gain will be Gulf Shores’ loss. I may have to visit Houston more often.

Great experience! I had three lipomas that had gotten rather large & uncomfortable that needed to be removed. Obviously no one is thrilled about getting cut on, but Dr. Guy is extremely skilled at what he does and puts you at ease with his jovial and friendly nature. He kept my mind off of the fact that I was being cut on, but let me know what I should expect. He’s an awesome guy and an exceptional surgeon. I have gotten this procedure done in the past at other places and the experience was not good at all. Wish I had known about Dr. Guy sooner. I would highly recommend him to anyone! Definite 5 star experience for me. Also a shout out to the office staff. They were so friendly and inviting. Keep up the awesome work!
-Matt C.

I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Guy today at the McCollough Institute. After a very informative consultation regarding a few facial cosmetic procedures that I am interested in, he completed my Botox injections. Dr. Guy explained every step of the process and made certain that I was as comfortable as possible during the procedure. He did not rush through the appointment and I would recommend him and his services to anyone.
-Pam R

He has a really easy touch! It’s not often that I look good enough to run errands on the way home from a Botox and Restylane appointment, but I did today. He also has a great personality, which is also a drawback, because he kept making me laugh during the procedure. 🙂
-Karen R

My husband and I took our son to Dr. Guy when he got hurt at school. He needed 11 stitches and now we are 5 weeks into the healing and it looks great. We could not be happier. Dr. Guy was so good with him. He is 8 so it was a tuff time. He liked messing around with Dr. Guy too. We are very thankful for Dr. Guy and the staff for taking care of him. It was much harder on Mom.
-Mary M

Dr. Guy did an excellent job removing a cyst from my face. He is very enthusiastic about what he does. He has good bedside manner. He talked me through each step of the process.
-Amanda T

This is a top notch practice. I had a major surgery to reconstruct my nose due to injuries suffered 25 or more years ago and my reluctance to have something done about it then. As time went on, my cartilage became totally detached from the bone and I could not breathe out of my right nostril. Dr. Guy thoroughly explained what the process would be and the procedure and recovery went exactly as he had described. My surgery was about 4.5 hours long and included several cartilage transplants to stabilize the nostrils. I am very happy with the results – I can breathe again. Dr. Guy’s support staff are friendly, courteous and professional. Roberta(the real boss) was available to communicate with any time I needed her.
— SW

Dr. Guy is so good that I drive 35 miles out of my way to see him! When I finally decided to get the lip fillers I’ve been lusting after, I didn’t want just anyone to alter my face. I searched all over Houston for the best doc and I feel the best is absolutely what I received. Dr. Guy comes with the full package- a wealth of knowledge, talent, a soft hand, great bedside manner, a nice clean office, and friendly staff. Ms Tonya in particular is so sweet. My natural lips (particularly the top one) are very thin and asymmetrical. With a little less than a syringe of Juvederm, Dr. Guy crafted the best lips possible for my face. They’re full, natural with a little side of dramatic, less down turned, and much more symmetrical. I’m so very pleased with my results. My only wish is that they were permanent. I’ve also received 30 units of Botox. The injections were as painless as possible. I swear I didn’t even feel all of them. Having had a bad experience in the past, I really appreciate that Dr. Guy has a light touch. I would recommend Dr. Guy to anyone and everyone! This is the only doctor I’ll entrust my face to now, and I do plan to return to him for more work in the future.
– Cindy W.

Dr. Guy performed my chin liposuction and I couldn’t be happier! He did a wonderful job and I couldn’t believe how minimal the discomfort was. Also, there was very little downtime. I had such a great experience. Dr. Guy really cares and listens to his patients. His staff Roberta and Tonya are friendly, helpful, and efficient. I highly recommend Dr. Guy!
-Theresa E.