athlete nose job

This patient in her 40s is an avid athlete with very little body fat.  She had noticed with time that she cold see a V form in her nose.  If you look at the photo from the bird’s eye view (the picture on the right from above) you can see in the before photo how the lower part of her nose formed a V. This is a result of her natural cartilage and her very thin skin.  In most patients, the thickness of the skin readily covers this area, but with very thin skin, it can show through.  In the after photo from the bird’s eye, you can see how that V is no longer present.  More importantly, in the frontal views you can see how the nose retains a very natural look.  You also don’t see any incisions or contour irregularities.  To obtain this result we trimmed her lower lateral cartilage which reduced some of her fullness, removed a very slight bump or hump from the dorsum, and then placed carefully crafted crushed cartilage graft into the area forming the V.  Each of these changes was subtle and led to an overall aesthetic improvement.  She also underwent a functional procedure.  She was plagued with nose bleeds and difficulty with nasal breathing.  Not apparent from the outside, Dr. Guy performed a septoplasty.  Since the surgery her breathing is amazing and she no longer gets nose bleeds. 

For a patient with thin skin to undergo these modifications without any visible edges or contour irregularities is a testament to the skill of Dr. Guy.   It also was exactly what this patient was looking for in a result.