Nobody plans for trauma. It can be the result of violence, motor vehicle accidents, sports, falls at work, etc. It can be as simple as a cut or as extensive as a broken bone. The nose is the most frequently broken bone in the face, both because of its location sticking out from the face and its thin bones. Not all nose breaks require repair but the earlier you can be evaluated the better your cosmetic outcome will be. Other breaks include the areas around the eye, the jaw, and the cheeks. There are multiple approaches that can be used to camouflage planned incisions and give you the best cosmetic outcome. Dr. Guy has extensive training in repairing the various broken bones of the face.

Soft tissue trauma, including cuts and avulsions, can and should be repaired by someone with facial plastic surgery training. There are different techniques, sutures (types of stitches), and post repair care that can affect how your final scar will appear. By having someone with facial plastic surgery training like Dr. Guy you may improve your chances of having a desirable scar. Not to mention that Dr. Guy is skilled in techniques of scar revision to continue to improve your final scar. Don’t you owe it to yourself to have the best scar possible on your face?