Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)

You may have heard of PRP or platelet rich plasma.  Platelet rich fibrin (PRF) is the evolution of PRP.  These treatments involve the placement of your own growth factors and cytokines which are molecules that help with skin healing and growth.  PRP and PRF both deliver the same materials.  The difference is the speed with which the samples are spun as well as how they interact once injected.  With PRP it is collected with a tube that prevents the blood from clotting.  This means everything is released very quickly upon injection.  The anticlotting agent also causes a little discomfort as well.  With PRP there is no anti clotting material used in the tube.  This means there is minimal discomfort with the injection and more importantly, it provides a temporary scaffold that stores the growth products.  These products are then released over the course of weeks providing a more steady state.  The best analogy for this is a time released medication.  Instead of having to take a pill multiple times a day the time released version releases medication with a single daily dose.  With PRF because it stores the healing growth factors and slowly releases them, it provides for more improvement.  It is great for hair restoration, usually performed about every 6 weeks for 3-6 treatments.  It is also effective for treating under eye circles from skin discoloration, and provides temporary volume for under eye hollows.  In addition, it can be injected throughout the skin to improve skin quality.  Find out more with your consultation if this treatment is right for you.