Facelift Case 7



This patient in her later 50s was really bothered by the appearance of her neck and jowls. She felt no matter how much she exercised her neck wasn’t improving. The appearance of those areas made her look sad which did not go with her personality. To improve her neckline we did a neck lift, platysmal myectomy (trimmed the muscle in the area), and excised some fat on the submental area in addition to liposuction. This helped to provide that defined neckline you see in the after photo. In addition, to improve her jowls, a cheek lift was performed. Finally, to improve her lateral brow position a temporal brow lift was performed in addition to an upper eyelid skin only blepharoplasty. Taken together she has a very nice but natural final result. She is currently over 3 years out from surgery with her after photo taken at 2 months