Facelift Case 8



This patient in her 60s is 10 months out from her procedure. She underwent a cheek and neck lift with liposuction, platsymaplasty, upper and lower lip advancement, and on post operative day 3 she underwent a full face CO2 laser skin resurfacing. Each part of the treatment helps to accomplish something a little different to create the result you are seeing. The cheek and neck lift (frequently called a lower facelift) helped to improve her jowls and neckline. The platsymaplasty helped to improve the appearance of the neckbands (platysmal bands) on the front of her neck. The lip advancement procedure helped to give her a little more volume and better define her lips. The skin resurfacing helped to further improve the fine lines caused from sun damage on her face. Needless to say she is ecstatic with her improvement, not only from the result, but that she still looks natural and like herself.