Informational Videos

In order to help our patients better understand our procedures and surgeries, Dr. Guy has created this series of informational videos. These are not meant to represent medical advice as that can only be provided through an in person evaluation. Rather, these are designed to make you a better informed consumer.

Face Lift

Have you ever contemplated receiving a face lift?  Learn what signs of aging a face lift can combat, and the basics about how it is performed.

Neck Lift

What is a neck lift?  Can it be performed alone?  Will it address the bands in the neck?  Will it address the fatty tissue there?  What can I expect?  Learn these answers and more in this video!

Brow Lift

Do you have a heavy eyebrow?  Are they pushing your eyes down making your eyes look heavy and tired.  Learn about all of the different approaches and what they can do to rejuvenate your upper face!


In this video learn about the different types of eyelid surgery and what it can accomplish.


You have heard of Botox, but what does it actually do?  What benefits can you expect and when?  All of this and more is answered in this video.


What do fillers accomplish?  How are they different from Botox?  Are you a good candidate for them.  Find out about the different hyaluronic acid or HA based fillers in this video.


What is a rhinoplasty?  Who is a candidate for a rhinoplasty.  What does into the evaluation to determine what should be done with the nose to make it fit your face.  Watch the video to find out!


Why do some people have prominent ears?  What can be done about them?  When is the best age to have surgery?  Learn this and more in the video.

Mole Removal

In this video Dr. Guy talks about ways to remove various skin lesions including moles, cysts, and bumps.

Lip Augmentation

Have you ever wanted to improve the size or shape of your lips.  What about helping restore a more youthful lip.  Watch this video to learn about the surgical and non surgical options for lip augmentation.

Cheek Implants

Have you ever wondered if there is a permanent option for cheek enhancement.  Find out if an implant is the treatment for you.

Face Lift

Who is a good candidate for a chin augmentation?  Why is it commenly recommended with a rhinoplasty?  Learn all this and more in this video.

Earlobe Repair

Have your earlobes become stretched or pulled all the way through? Find out more about the repair.

Gauge Repair

If you have worn gauges for a long period of time, then you may have a large space where the gauge once was. If you no longer wear gauges, this often looks unusual – fortunately we can repair this.

Scar Revision

Do you have a scar?  Would you like it to look better?  Learn about the various options in this video.

Neck Liposuction

Do you have a double chin?  Find out about the gold standard treatment for removing it in this video.

Fat Transfer

What is fat transfer?  Is it the same as liposuction?  What does it do?  Find out in this video.

Scar Revision

Mole removal is a fairly simple procedure that can permanently get rid of distracting moles and beauty marks.