Osteoma Removal

There are many growths that occur in the head and neck area. Most commonly these are growths that occur on top of or just below the skin. These are known as soft tissue masses. Occasionally, the underlying bone may be the source of the problem. With these growths not only are they very hard (they are bone after all), but they don’t move around. The skin on top is what moves around. These are usually benign growths called osteomas. Oftentimes they develop as a result of a previous minor bump to the area.

In other situations, people may have very prominent eyebrow ridges. This can be a masculine characteristic but when too prominent, it creates an almost cave man type appearance. For others interested in transitioning, the masculine brow ridge may be a give away.

The treatment for these growths is straight forward– the bone itself needs to be shaved down. The easiest option is to simply make an incision on the forehead right above the mass and then shave it down. However, this leaves a noticeable scar. Therefore, Dr. Guy makes incisions within the hairline to camouflage the scar and still shave down the bumps or brow ridge. Because bone is sensitive, this is a procedure that does need to be performed in the operating room. You can learn more about your options at the time of your consultation.