Gauged Earlobe Repair

The placement of gauges into ears is becoming more popular.  The gauges can be dilated up to quite large sizes.  If you desire to have this reversed it is different than repair of a traditional ear piercing which had only a small hole.  If you decide the gauge is no longer what you want, it can be repaired.  Depending on how large the earlobe was dilated to, repair may be quite simple or require a more complex reconstruction.  For small gauges where the hole is nearly closing on its own, the repair may be as simple as freshening the edges and closing the hole.  For medium size defects (about a 1/2 inch), repair in this manner would lead to a very elongated earlobe. To correct this a small incision is made near the bottom of the earlobe going backwards and the skin is rotated over to close the defect leaving a normal, natural curvature of the lower earlobe edge.  For larger defects, a portion of the earlobe has to be removed.  Otherwise the repair would leave a very droopy earlobe.  This is the most complex repair, but is still performed in the office under local anesthetic.  Dr. Guy has experience in the various methods of repair, which he can discuss with you at the time of your consultation.