Ear abnormalities occur in up to 5% of the Caucasian population.  The most common causes includes over development of the cartilage (the firm part) of the ear or lack of a fold at the top of the ear.  There are many other causes for an ear to be prominent or have an abnormal shape.  Although there can be small changes in the first week of life, if the ear remains abnormal at one week, it is not likely to correct on its own.  Although there are surgical options that can be used later in life, there are non surgical options that exist only for newborns. 

The EarWell is a non invasive technique that helps to reshape the ears of infants.  It takes advantage of the fact that children’s ears, when they are first born, remain easily shaped or pliable.  The EarWell device can help to shape ears that are misshapen.  It is a non painful external device worn over the course of 6 weeks to accomplish this.  It can correct ears that are too prominent (stick out too much), ears that lack folds and flop over, ears that have too many folds, etc.  It is most effective when performed during the first week of life, but it can be used up to two months of life with decreasing effectiveness.  By using the EarWell, your child can avoid surgery and possible social ridicule.  The success rate is also higher than traditional surgeries performed later in life. And best of all, this procedure is not considered cosmetic and is covered by most insurance plans.  

Dr. Guy can discuss these options at your consultation.  Since time is of the essence with this non invasive procedure for your child, it is important to call your insurance and get your child added on to your plan as soon as possible.