Blepharoplasty Before and After

This patient in her 50s is 2 weeks out following an upper eyelid blepharoplasty performed under local anesthesia in the clinic.  You can see her lack of swelling and bruising.  In fact, most people would not be able to tell she had had surgery only two weeks ago.  Notice the improvement in the eyelid skin and how it no longer hangs over her eyelashes.  In fact, in the after photo you can see her upper eyelid eyelashes which were nearly completely hidden in the before photo.

This patient in her 50s is 8 weeks out following an upper and lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty).  She had always felt that her eyes made her look tired and sad.  You can see in her after photos how much more open her eyes are.  She loves her results and hearing her friends say how refreshed and well rested she looks.

This patient in her 50s is 11 weeks out following an upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty.  Notice how you can see more of her eyelid above her eyes and the fullness below her eyes has improved.  You can also notice the incisions below her eyes are almost invisible this soon after surgery.  Her eyes now have a much more open and rested appearance.

This patient in her mid 60s underwent a lower and upper eyelid surgery.  She is 3 months out from surgery.  The before photo shows festoons, a condition where the eyelid skin is so redundant it begins to fold over on itself.  She had a different incision called a direct eyelid incision to improve her condition.  She is ecstatic with her result, feels more rested, and loves how natural it looks.  Click the image to be taken to a more detailed page about her improvements.

This patient in her 40s is one year out following an upper eyelid surgery.  Her starting condition was not as prominent as some of our other patients.  However, if you look at the outer half of her upper eyelid you can see how it looks heavy and tired in the before photo.  In the after photo, you can see how she has a smooth, natural, and more rested appearance to her upper eyelids.

This patient is a male in his 60s who underwent an upper and lower eyelid surgery.  You can see in the before photo how the heaviness of his upper eyes gave him an angry look, and the bags below his eyes gave him a tired look.  In the after photo both of these are corrected. His surgery gives him a more rested and pleasant look.

“Dr Guy was excellent, and his work was perfect. Great follow-up, too. He knew and defined accurately the healing process and was very accessible for any questions I may have. Neither my friends nor I can see see any scars or incision points. This was a no-problems, excellent job. I would recommend Dr. Guy to my friends, and have done so.”